Being on cloud nine doesn’t necessary mean you cannot keep things realistic!
Lina Nailli is really an expert in this area.
She translates her strength and creativity into an enormous passion for fashion and painting.
You can view on her website entire collections that are result of a huge creativity.
According to the artist herself, the inspiration is based on abstract art painting and her passion for the universe, astronomy and astro physics. Linda Niali is fascinated by the stars and the energy that are result of a fusion of materials in the universe that are in constant move.
Linda Naili gets her creative ideas in art by abstract contemplation of pastoral landscapes and her exotic holidays. She also paints on leather material using Swarovski crystal as well as golden and silver leaves.
These last ones are especially used as the ornamental matter of her paintings. What started as an invitation to a spiritual trip, finally turned into an admiration for the stars.
But she is not the only star of the family concerning art and abstract painting as her older brother is a well-known sculptor. Apparently it runs in the family.



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